About Us

About us

Currently most national free-flight organizations are restricted to the borders of their own country, regarding certification, insurance, and licensing. Some developing countries don’t have any free-flight organizations as yet. Most free-flight organizations are not as focused solely on paragliding as PGTI. PGTI’s mission is to connect and unify pg instructors and tandem pilots who are unable to obtain certification in their respective country. PGTI conducts pg instructor & tandem training courses in Asia and Europe and upon completion of the course, issues the appropriate certification for the pilot skill level and photo id license.


PGTI was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation under the laws of the state of New Jersey and the U.S. IRS tax codes. Currently PGTI’s Board of Directors is comprised of 3 trustees located in the U.S. Within 5 years, the goal of PGTI is to have 7 trustees from various locations throughout the world to form an internationally diverse board of Directors.  Day to day operations are administered by the Director of Education and Safety, Peter Humes.


Professional members of PGTI are supported by the organization with complete course outlines, study guides, and written exams to teach prospective paragliding pilots (students) how to launch, fly, and land safely. For tandem pg pilots the benefit is an additional certification by an international organization, based in the U.S.  As PGTI grows, it will become more recognized, throughout the world of paragliding, for its safety record.


The main focus of PGTI is to promote the sport of paragliding through proper education, training, and safety. The Board of Directors and members of PGTI understand the best way to grow and sustain the sport is by means of maintaining a perfect safety record. The only way to preserve this perfect safety record is by keeping the membership limited to only safe pilots who share this vision.


International cross-country competitions are also planned as an integral part of PGTI’s growth strategy. PGTI is committed to organizing and supporting member’s proposals for competition events anywhere in the world, where feasible. In addition to facilitating group travel and pg trips to unique pg site destinations globally.
PGTI does not discriminate between members because of ethnic origin, gender, race, religion, or nationality.            “Education, instruction, safety…”