Common questions

Q: What are the advantages / benefits of joining PGTI?

a. International certification and photo id

  1. Thorough training guides for instructing pg students.
  2. Support with local agencies for pg related activities and tandem operations.

d. Standardized liability waiver, syllabus, and safety check list for tandem pg pilots.

Q: What does membership cost per year?

Annual membership dues for competition and recreational pg pilots is US $150. for initial (1st) year, then US $100./year thereafter. Professional membership (Instructors & Tandem pilots is US $200./membership year – not calendar year. From when you join until 1 year later date. (example: 31/04/16 thru 31/04/17

Q: Is PGTI membership open to competition, recreational, and professional pg pilots (instructors and tandem pg pilots)?

Yes, PGTI membership is open to competition, recreational, and professional pg pilots (Instructors and Tandem pg pilots).

Q: What are the requirements for membership to PGTI?

Any paragliding pilot can join PGTI. Under the present PGTI bylaws, any pg pilot, qualified or certified as a Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, a current pg instructor or tandem certification can readily join PGTI. In addition, any pg pilot with a current Intermediate rating from a national certification organization or PGTI, is eligible to attend a professional certification course sponsored by PGTI. After successful completion of the course, a certificate and photo id will be issued to the attendee.